My heart belongs to Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger and my Vagina belongs to Ryan Gosling. And I wouldn't mind John Krasinski in my pants. As well as Matt Davis and Tom Hiddleston. And Adam Scott.
Josh Hutcherson
I love Skins UK 1st Gen.
Nick Holt
Parks and Recreation :D
Evan Peters
I am 21.
†A drunk.†
†A stoner.†
A pill popper.
Robotrippin fool.
††And a bad influence.††
But people love me anyways.
For some odd reason.
I am in love with David Thewlis, Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton!
  • My poison…. Emergen-c. Thank you sickness. #sick #vitamins #nameyourpoison #myglass #emergenc

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